Members News – December




In response to Member feedback, our monthly MEMBER NEWS will from now on include a summary of boardroom discussions at monthly Board meetings.

General discussion at our November meeting included:

  1. An incentive program and visitor invitation to play in competitions program to be investigated as part of our Member Attraction Strategy
  2. The increased value of the new Ladies Committee to the club will be experienced over the next year
  3. Refinement to the Boards Communication to Members Strategy will be tabled at our next Board meeting

Each of our sub committees also reported their discussion focus:


  1. October financial results were good despite the many wet days
  2. Potential restructuring of Membership Categories and subscriptions for next financial year


  1. Directional signage behind 11th green and near 11th tee almost completed
  2. Access to Honour Boards and past and present Board Members via our website to be simplified

Match and Greens:

  1. Dethatching deferred and 5th green renovation date to be confirmed and advised to Members
  2. Practice fairway improvements being planned
  3. Cart Path priorities being identified

Don’t forget, if you have any feedback, suggestions and/or ideas on improving your club and course you can communicate these to the Board via our feedback function in the Members area of our website.


Phil Murphy.  PRESIDENT.


Dear Members,

I managed to make it back in one piece from WA and my camping trip up the coast, I ended up covering 2000 kms in five days which is quite an achievement for me, but it was a lovely trip and one I would thoroughly recommend (but maybe an extra driver would be helpful!)

Kalbarri Gorge W.A.

In my absence the honour boards have returned to the Club, I hope you like them, and from the comments received so far that seems to be the case.

I would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped in the honour board project over the last few months to make that space what it is now, and a special mention deserves to go to Dave Armstrong for his tireless work on behalf of the Club.

Over the next couple of months we will remove the honour boards from the hallway and tidy up that space as well (I will keep you updated on how that next project progresses)

The upstairs back room is beginning to take shape now with a proper divider put in place; again with our volunteers putting themselves out to make this happen (Artie Tilyard a special extra thank you for your time on this)

You may have noticed that we have upgraded the furniture throughout the Clubhouse, this would not have been possible without the generosity of Kurrawa Surf Club, I honestly don’t have the words to say how thankful I am to them for their wonderful gesture.

Trading over the first five months of this financial year has been good, and we are currently on budget for the financial year, none of which could have been achieved of course without the full team and the effort that they put in on a daily basis to create the backdrop for that success.

Traditionally we are now entering the quietest 3 months of the year for the Club; if we can come out of those quieter months in a reasonable space, we should be in good shape for the rest of the year.

As a new incentive from January 1st if you introduce a full playing member to SPGC we want to say thank you by putting $150 on your card!, so if you know anyone who might want to join the best members club on the coast, now is the perfect time to give them a little nudge!

To the Board and the Membership, thank you all for your support this year, this is a great club with great members, and it’s a privilege to be the GM here.

To you and your loved ones, from all of the team here at SPGC, we wish you a safe and happy Christmas




Hi All,

Since the last newsletter several activities have taken place.

Firstly, the very generous offer of tables, chairs, and other various equipment from Kurrawa Surf Club has been relocated to our club and much of it is already in use.  A huge thank you to Kurrawa for their generosity.

Also, a dividing wall in the upstairs function room has been insulated for sound reduction and lined, ready for final plastering and painting.  As well, swing doors have been installed for easy entry / exit, particularly for catering purposes.

On the Course itself, directional signage around the halfway house has been installed making tee location simpler.

Two large gum trees have been professionally pruned making them safer and meeting requirements for bird habitat.  The palm trees around the pro shop have been removed, again making the area safer for golfers.

I take this opportunity to thank the Club and ALL volunteers who assisted throughout the year and wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Xmas and New Year.

Col Baxter


Hello again members only 8 weeks till the fat man comes and only 2 weeks till the Oncourse Summer Catalogue sale is on.

We have had a couple of changes around the shop, most importantly Rian Duncan has joined our team. Rian is a good friend of Cody and Jacob’s and will be doing his PGA Traineeship at the club.
We looks forward to following his progress with great interest. Just recently we have become a full Bushnell stockist, the world’s number one range finders and used by more PGA professionals than any other brand.

We have been seeing less of Cody lately and if you miss him he has been Prac Teaching at Ashmore Primary and each morning has a group of cute nine year olds saying, “Good Morning Mr. Davis.”, which is a shock to him.

Our Cadet group goes from strength to strength with up to sixteen little golfers every Saturday morning. We recently held their Championships and our 2017 Cadet Champion was Jacob Green from Isaac Pikunic. Nett champ was Emon Lennon from Ethan Smith (Ross + Barbara Bully’s Grandson).  Our Sub Cadet Champion was Eve Gigl  (Albertrand Ells Granddaughter) from Rohan Cook and Bryn Smith (Bully’s again).

We have their Presentation Day on December 2nd where they play Ambrose with hero golfers in each team like Cody, Jacob, Blaze, Josh and Andy and the Juniors also join in. Enough from me, good golfing.

30% all GPS units
30% all 50th Anniversary Luggage


The Associates AGM was held on 23rd November –  the names of your 2018 Committee appear below.  The 4BBB Stableford competition was won by Lynda De’Laney and Janet Gregory (pictured with Jill Baxter) with an amazing score of 48.  They received prizes of a chipper donated by Jean Rose.  Thank you Jean for your very generous donation.

2018 Associates Committee

President – Di Potter
Captain – Marianne Ioannou
Vice-President – Kay Palmer
Vice-Captain – Vicki Laws
Treasurer – Eileen Fewster
Secretary – Di Whish-Wilson

General Committee
Lyn Daines, Pam Lorne-Tait, Jenny Tanner, Denise Lyndfield

Closing Day – held on 16th November saw the President’s team defeat the Captain’s team.  The game was followed by lunch and presentation of Special trophies.  Congratulations to all winners and especially to Lyn Daines on winning the mid-week Achievement Award.

Associates Dinner – 1st December – a good night was had by all who attended with everyone getting into the “Colour Your World” theme.  Many thanks to Jacquie Lancaster for entertaining everyone with her “Rythmical Gymnastics”.  Maureen Scott took out the “best dressed” and the “Parisian Table” won the best decorated table.  Janice Woolley won the GPS that was raffled on the night.

Saturday Ladies – Closing day was well attended on 2nd December and the 4BBB Stableford event was followed by a presentation of Special trophies and a secret Santa. Congratulations to Kelly Crouch on winning the Saturday Ladies Achievement Award and Wendy Hollis on winning the Eclectic.

Upcoming Events –
Opening Day
 – Thursday 8 February 2018 a 8.30am shotgun start
Nudgee Grudge Match – Monday 26 March 2018 a 9am shotgun start
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members and associates a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.  May 2018 bring some great golfing your way.  Best wishes, Di Whish-Wilson, Secretary


Congratulations to Ross & Eileen Fewster who qualified for the Gold Crystal by winning the Monthly Crystal in February, 2017. The event was played by 12 couples, one couple qualifying each month and Ross & Eileen come up with the best score of 70 pts to win the overall trophy.
Well done – enjoy your crystal trophies


Hi everyone,

Last Newsletter before Christmas,
We had a very successful qualifying round here at Surfers Last Monday with the Pros full of high praise for our course.

Amazing how far the pros can hit it, I witnessed a man drive the 13th green then put his next drive on the collar of the 14thgreen, then in the playoff for the final spot the eventual winner just about drove the first green he was on the upslope of the greenside bunker.

Anyway two 64,s and a 65 got into The Australian PGA at Royal Pines, a event that I went over to view on the Thursday and Friday afternoon and all day Sunday, and I must say the course looked magnificent a real credit to the Royal Pines staff and The Gold Coast in general .

Our course seems to be in good condition our greens are healthy, some may say they are not as fast as they have been, this is due to the fact we are in summer conditions, hot and humid perfect conditions for disease, so we will not be putting our greens under any stress, it is just a case of keeping them healthy over the summer months, remember some of our greens are as old as the club and considering we just celebrate our 50 year anniversary, you see what I mean.

Finally I wish all our wonderful members a very happy and enjoyable Christmas
Happy Golfing,


Hi everyone with the holiday season upon us and the big golfing events at the club winding up for another year a lot of us will reflect on many things. One of these things more than likely will be did you improve or are you enjoying your golf more than the start of the year? Did I improve my putting like I wanted to or did I reach my goals I set for the year? If you find yourself asking these questions and you don’t like the answers why not make a change for 2018. As the cliche statement goes the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

There are many ways to improve your golf game and quite often I think players box themselves into one aspect…like hitting the driver better ? Even though this is fun it is just one part of your chance to improve. So if you do want to improve your handicap and enjoy your golf more consider the following list which is just a few things that I find players don’t think about.


To improve you have to practise but how do you practise? What is the best way to practise and what should I be practising? Too often players are great range players but bad on the golf course. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Body limitations

The changes I can make in a golf swing when I can get some slightly different mobility or strengthening changes etc from a restricted player is mind blowing sometimes. I work with a physiotherapist who has Golf specific knowledge to help me get the best from my players. Not only does this help their golf it also helps their everyday lives and extends the time they will be able to play the game as well.

Course management

This encompasses way too many things to list, your mental routine, dealing with poor shots, escaping trouble, playing to your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses, the list goes on and on. Fortunately if your with a good coach like me ? I can sift through it all for you and help you with the most important parts for your game.

Short game

If you spent your entire year next year practising and improving your short game inside 60m and did it properly you would reduce your handicap dramatically. Putting alone makes up 40% of your shots on the course so if you made significant improvements there you would be off to a good start.

So if your setting goals and thinking of ways to improve make sure you consider all the many different ways to reach your goals. Fortunately this is my specialty so come and see me if you want help.

My game improvement plans I create for my players were very popular this year and we got some great results. In fact I think every one of them reached their goals and were enjoying their golf more than ever by the end of the sessions. The best part about an individually designed improvement program is that every part of your learning sessions are specific to your game and your individuality. I still haven’t met 2 players the same in my 20+ years of coaching and I never will.

Lastly I’d like to thank everyone who trusted me to improve their golf game this year it brings me lots of joy to share in a players quest to be better. Merry Christmas to all the readers golfers or not and have a happy and safe holiday season ????

Kind regards
Ben Jewell
Certified PGA Professional
Advanced Coaching

The All Sports Christmas event, as anticipated, was very well attended. The shotgun start ensured a cordial gathering for the post game festivities. The catering arrangements were well received and a good time was had by all.

The winners of the Gold Medal were:
A Grade – D. Hudson B Grade – J. Armstrong
Jack’s performance was particularly noteworthy, in that his gross score of 91, was less than his age! – An inspiration to us all.

The Committee takes this opportunity to thank all our members for their support throughout the year and to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, (healthy golfing) New Year.


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