Members News – February Edition


January was very busy out on course, and house trading was up on last year so not a bad start to 2018, we have become a very popular venue for social golfers, which is fantastic because word of mouth is always the best form of advertising.

Talking of advertising, towards the end of February we have a number of advertisements airing on Gold FM, they talk about membership opportunities here at SPGC, and we are hopeful that these can reach out to anyone thinking of joining a golf club.

A big welcome back to our woman members who held their opening day at the clubhouse on Thursday, it was great to be able to have the chance to speak to them all and answer some questions that came up.

The cart paths will start being repaired on the 22nd of February, stage one will be repairing the pot holes, of which there are quite a few around, we will then look to start overlaying the most damaged paths with hot mix, as I have said before this is a big job and will require time to finish it all.

Pam has asked that if you are in the last groups teeing off, that when you finish in the comp can you please put your results in before putting carts away and showering etc, as it is delaying finalising results.

Also, the Member login function on our website is currently being changed, and the new Member login process will become live on Wednesday 16 May.  Although this new Member login process will require one additional ‘click’ to access the MiClub area where your golf bookings are made and results reviewed etc, we believe it will overcome the confusion some Members have experienced accessing AGM documents and other Member information.  We will be explaining the new Member login process through this publication over the coming months and at a special Member Information Evening planned for early May.

Finally a word on the team make up here, Cara has moved to the new position of Front of House Manager and Lisa is now Front of House Supervisor, so if you see them around please congratulate them on their new roles, I for one am positive this will have a solid impact on day to day operations inside the Clubhouse.

Thank you as always, and I hope to see you around the Clubhouse soon.



We’ve had a nice drop of rain, and the course is back to its beautiful green self again.

The 5th green is coming along nicely, and hopefully will be back in play by the end of the growing season.

A reminder to all cart users that the blue lines around the greens are not to be crossed in carts. The lines have been put there to protect the areas surrounding the greens. If anyone has any reasons that they need to get closer to the greens, please email me, ring me or chat to me about it.  The Match and Greens Committee will only be too happy to look at it for you.

My special mention this month goes out to all of our junior golfers. The way you all conducted yourselves during the school holidays was wonderful. It’s a pleasure seeing all your handicaps getting smaller and your drives getting longer. Keep up the good work.

Good golfing.



Our last working bee was on Monday, 22 January with the following work being completed.

Continued poisoning the nut grass on the front nine holes, plus 17 & 18th fairways.

Repaired and re-hung the practice nets, allowing for improved safety.

Commenced cleaning up work in the area behind the large machinery shed.

Much more to do of course, and we will continue to keep nibbling away.

Enjoy your golf, and care for the Course.


Hi members and welcome to the new Golf season lots of good things happening this year for you, and I sincerely hope you all have a great year at THE BEST LITTLE GOLF CLUB UNDER THE SUN.

Our Ladies opening day this Thursday heralds the start of their season, and it looks like it will be a great day many of our ladies haven’t been playing through the summer, so I am sure there will be lots of catching up to be done.

Our Pennant season is well underway with our Juniors having played four rounds so far the highlight being a win over Arch rivals Southport last Sunday many thanks to Peter Hughes and Terry Barr who manage these boys as they play around the coast. This year will be a particularly exciting one for our top Pennants team as we return to Div 1 for the first time in many years after winning the Div 2 title so handsomely last year.

If you haven’t met him yet, we have a new Trainee Pro at the club, Rian Duncan. You will find him a very likeable lad, and I hope he enjoys his time at the club as much as Paul Griffiths did.

Paul is now enjoying himself very much as he forges a new career with the Taylor made Golf company I caught up with Paul recently in Melbourne at the M3 M4 launch, and he is going very well. On the subject of Taylor made we had our Surfers Paradise launch of these products last week, and it was great to see so many curious members try the new gear.

The Callaway Rouge launch is almost here Feb 22 and will also be an event not to be missed with lots of new product and some personal fitting time available with Daniel Barclay our local Callaway Guru.

This time next week Sheree and I will be very excited as we will be on our way to Adelaide to watch Ali play in her first Australian Open.  In fact, a first for the family I played in quite a few of our big events but always ran out of money by the time the Open came up.

On a sad note a couple of weeks ago we lost one of our Lovely Lady Members Margret Ridgewell Margret was always a pleasure to see, and we will miss her around the club.

Bookings Essential contact the Pro shop
Seven places ONLY

Srixon Compe balls $25 1 doz ,$45  doz , $65 3doz

Titleist Prov1 $69.95 a doz



Good luck to all the girls playing in the Business Women’s and Junior Girls Pennant for 2018.  Welcome to the girls in the team who are new to Pennant – it is great to see everyone having a go.  The season commenced last Sunday 28th January, and unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful in the first two rounds.  With six rounds remaining we wish the team best of luck for the rest of the season.

Good luck to the Veteran players who are playing in the inaugural Halcyon Cup to be held between Women’s Golf Gold Coast and Brisbane Ladies District Golf Association at Gainsborough Greens on 19th February 2018.

It was great to see so many ladies turn up on Opening Day and congratulations to the committee on a well-run event and delicious lunch.  The 4BBB Stableford competition was won by Pam Lorne-Tait and Di Whish-Wilson with a terrific score of 46 points.  Congratulations also to Therese Blair who won the Captains event in Champion of Champions played at Gold Coast Burleigh on 6th November last year.  A suggestion box will be in the Associate’s room until April for your suggestions for the Ladies Annual Dinner.
Associates Club Shirts – orders can be placed with the Pro Shop by sending an email to detailing your size, shirt length & sleeve type.

Name Badges – a sheet will be put up in the Associates Room to take orders for name badges.  Price to be advised.Business Women’s Pennant Team – Southport – 4/2/18

L-R Lyn Daines, Wendy Hollis, Julie Pearson, Kelly Crouch, Emma Hughes

Coming Events:  Nudgee Grudge Match – Monday 26 March 2018 – a 9am shotgun start at Surfers Paradise Golf Club.  Organise your team of 2, wear your club shirt and bring your best golf and singing voices to win the match against Nudgee Golf Club!  Enjoy a delicious buffet style lunch as we celebrate our win!!!  Copies of our Associates Club Song are in the Associate’s room.


Hi everyone I hope you are enjoying the amazing weather we have had here this summer! There are plenty of golfers out and as always lots who are trying to improve.

In this months entry, I want to talk about trust in your swing and consistency. I would like you to ask yourself a few questions….

If you are constantly changing your swing and experimenting with different ideas how will you ever trust your swing?

If you are constantly changing your swing how will you ever be consistent? When you’re consistently swinging differently?

The internet, emails, YouTube etc. have given thousands of golfers false hope that there is a magical cure right around the corner for all their golfing woes. One swing change and boom! You’re hitting it 300m straight every time…

Just in case you haven’t worked it out yet this definitely isn’t the case. Also every golfer I have ever helped has been different, generic swing tips just don’t work.

One thing I think a lot of golfers don’t think about is that your brain is a massive memory bank. It has stored all the golf shots you’ve ever hit and with the right focus can recall them and repeat them quite well.

When was the last time you thought about how your elbow moves when you’re throwing something at the bin? How many times do you miss when you throw something at the bin? I would say the answers are never and rarely. When you throw something at the bin, it simply looks and throw…look and let your body react to the image/situation….absolute autopilot.

How many times have you thought about how you swing in the last month? I’d guess at a lot.

So let’s try this instead…

Next time you play the plan is to clear your mind of any technical thoughts and begin thinking outwardly about your target. By the time you are about to take the club away, I want your target to be burned into your 3rd eye…I want you to be able to see exactly where the ball is going to fly in your mind’s eye. I want you to be relaxed and calm and then just simply let your mind react to the pictures you are sending it.

If you have a poor pre-shot routine, this will be difficult to do. So go to the range and start to develop a consistent routine and introduce this type of focus.

This is a huge part of developing trust in your swing and ultimately consistency because you are simply using the swing you have rather than fighting your natural tendencies.

Do this for at least a month and let me know how you go. If you really stick to this plan every shot for the next month, I can nearly guarantee you will be hitting it better with absolutely no changes to ‘how’ you swing the club.

This is just a small part of effective mental strategies that can make the game easier and more enjoyable. A great way to learn more about this is with my on-course lessons. We take a cart out on course at a quiet time and go through these types of strategies and more. Feel free to contact me directly at for more information.

Keep enjoying the journey of improvement 🙂


It has been a long hot, dry summer but gladly the end is in sight, water levels are very low due to very low rainfall in November, December, January and only 4mm so far in February.
We have stolonised the 5th green in the first week in February, so all going well, and we have enough water it should be playable around the start of April.

Greens renovations start this Monday the 19th of February, so please let’s hope we get some good rain. I reckon our greens are in the best shape they have ever been in this summer going into a renovation basically 100% covered with minimal thatch, so they should come back quickly after a good Reno obviously depending on water supplies.

No more news from the course
Happy golfing


February will be an exciting month for AllSports.

Our AGM will be held on Tuesday 13th February at 5.15 pm.
To accommodate this the competition that day will be a shotgun start at 12 noon.

Details of the AGM are on the AllSports noticeboard.

Our good friend Mike Ives has provided his last financial report after nine years of service to AllSports.  We will all have the opportunity to show our appreciation of Mike’s efforts at the AGM.

Among his parting words of wisdom are for members to support our weekly raffle, as the raffle really supports us.
Peter Clay must also be acknowledged for his marathon stint at running the raffle for the benefit of us all.

The course renovations have been rescheduled for 19/20 February. Our away day at Emerald Lakes has therefore been rescheduled for Monday 19th February, a shotgun start at 10 am. The cost to members for the game, including cart, is $25. Early booking with Captain Peter Groundwater is recommended, as this event is expected to be well attended.

Annual membership fees of $10 should by now have been paid.

Happy golfing.


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