Members News – July


Dear Members

The colder weather is very much with us here at the moment but this has not dampened the enthusiasm of early morning players with all competition fields still very healthy, some rain over June was the only negative for the Club and its members as it fell on the competition days.

I was fortunate enough to be in Vanuatu while it rained here, on a break for my dad’s 85th birthday, of course the wily old fox still managed (as per usual) to get the better of me over 18 holes in a hard fought encounter at the Port Villa Golf and Country Club which of course made the 19th hole on me to look after which is never cheap as he can still put a few away!

This year has been the first in a long time at the Club where we have seen membership levels stay steady and even increase in some areas which of course is always good to see and appositive sign for the future.

I am very aware of the problems we have been having with our scorecard system over the last few months and you will be glad to know that this is about to be overhauled with the next generation of score card readers which the Club have purchased these should be active before the end of July, and I thank you for your patience while we have tried to resolve those issues.

To see the changes to the scorecard system coming soon to SPGC

On the 2nd July we hosted the Horn v Pacquiao fight which proved to be such a huge success it took us somewhat by surprise!, Many thanks to all of you who came to the Club and supported it, thankfully we had enough TVs, beer and food to go round on the day.

I know some members have been concerned about the lack of spend on the cart paths since the levy was reintroduced and I want to reassure you all that once we have enough funds collected (as it is a very expensive exercise) it will be used on the paths, with the 11th and 12th cart paths the first on the list to be tackled.

Col Baxter (Director) and I met with a company last week who will be putting a vegetation plan in place for us on the course which over the next 5 years will slowly transform SPGC’s into a far more attractive and easy to maintain golf course, this will be done by eradicating trees and palms which are unhealthy, unsafe and also create large amounts of debris on course shadowing over greens and dead patches around shaded areas on fairways and rough which in turn creates far more unnecessary work for the greens team who could use that time far more productively elsewhere on the course, they will then be replaced over time with far better species which are safe, easy to maintain and also easy on the eye.

Once this document has been written I will leave copies of it in the office which you can have a read of, the process is quite in depth as they evaluate every tree and plant on course their health levels and what needs to be done with them that I don’t expect it to be ready for at least a couple of months yet.

Thank you as always, and I hope to see you around the Clubhouse in the near future.




Congratulations to the Phil Murphy and Dave Nelson in winning the Member’s Mid-Week 4 Ball Knockout Championships for 2017 – defeating Kevin Brown and Michael Sullivan
6 & 5.

Congratulations to this year’s Junior Match Play Champion – Taylor Barr defeating
Cooper Rose – Well played to all juniors who participated.

Graham Jaeger and Danny Simpson played the final of the Captain’s Putter on Saturday 8th July, 2017 with Graham Jaeger being the victor of that match.


Hi Members

Since our last newsletter we have been busy beavers, completing the following –

Prepared room for Ubet installation
Dismantled trophy cabinet
Cleaned  / Stripped upstairs room of rubbish
Cleaned area around mechanics shed
Poisoned weeds on all fairways with wands
Removed and cleaned pump on 7th hole
Trimmed secondary growth in most areas of rough, including 17B
Welded a new floor in Clubs trailer
Instigated a professional vegetation management plan for golf club

Still lot’s more to do, but we continue to nibble away.
Until next time –  enjoy your golf and care for the course.


There seems to be an issue for some Members with logging into Mi- Club via the
Surfers Paradise Golf Club website.

From our investigations so far, we have discovered that the problems seems to be with Telstra and domain provider and not with our website or the Mi Club portal.

We’re still working on fixing the problem, but in the mean time if you are having issues please do the following.

1. Go to your search bar and type in this will take you the SPGC website home page, then click the red members login button and proceed as normal.

The team at SPGC would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter, and will send an updated once problems have been resolved.


The flags of how many countries can be found within the Norwegian national flag?
Bring your answers along, to trivia night on Wednesday 19th July.


Hi Members,

Great weather for golf and some great golf is being played.
No better round has been played this month than Kym McIntyre 45 pts to win last Saturdays C Grade by 9 points.

Well done to Graham Jaeger on winning the Captains putt Matchplay and Taylor Barr claiming the Junior Matchplay.
On the topic of Matchplay, our Interclub Pennant is in full swing.

After teams had a shocker at Sanctuary Cove, all teams had a great home win last Sunday. There seems to be a run of hole in one’s at the moment as Duncan Haig and Louis Hesse both aced the 7th.

Good Golfing Members!

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Reminder all Thursday ladies are welcome to play on Saturdays, please fill those empty tee times with an extra round of golf to your week.

Open Day – on Thursday 22 June was a huge success with a field of 140 players, and 14 visiting clubs represented.  Congratulations and thanks to Pam Lorne-Tait and her team for a terrific effort raising funds for our charity.  We have raised over $7,000 for our charity, the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation, and Perry attended presentation on Thursday 6 July for a cheque presentation.

Joan Irving Jug –  congratulations to Carmel Hendrie & Chris Wilkes on their win.

Committee News – on Thursday 13 July we will acknowledge our OBE ladies playing in the Best Grandmother event being a single stableford.  We would ask all ladies to please notify the office of their mobile number for inclusion in the website directory so the committee can easily contact players when necessary.

Saturday Ladies – this year a Red Shirt monthly event has been introduced, sponsored by Chris Fletcher.  Congratulations to the winners to date being Kelly Crouch (May) and Kay Palmer (June).

Friendship Cup – in its 20th year this event was played on Monday 26 June at Sanctuary Cove, and won by Sanctuary Cove.  Our team was very grateful for the opportunity to play at such a beautiful course in perfect winter conditions.

Mid Weed Pennants – Div 1 are off to a good start, other divisions to start play shortly, good luck and thank you to all the players representing our club.

Nudgee Day – as the proposed date conflicts with Club Championships it was decided by both clubs to defer until next year.

45th South Pacific Ladies Open Classic – commencing with an Anniversary Cocktail Party on Saturday 7 October

Foursomes Sunday 8 October and event 9-11Oct.

Associates Dinner – is Friday 1 December (not Friday 10 November as advertised in the Fixtures Book).  “Colour My World” theme.


Hi All,

Well not much to report this month.

The new 8th green is progressing well. Hope to get you back on it for an early Xmas present. Just need some warmth back to get the grass growing. Anyway it won’t be long before we are complaining about the heat again. I enjoy this time of the year.


It was reported to me that one group had 3 out of 4 players in the same bunker and nobody raked it. A good member following behind did it.

Please, if you are in the bunker,  rake it.

And for those of you having trouble with the left hand bunker on the 2nd you will notice that the lip has been lowered. Happy golfing.

Inter-club pennants is underway. No news to report as yet as we are only 2 rounds into the game.

Senior and Super Senior pennants are just around the corner so look for the list to put your names up to play.

That’s all for now.


PS: In case you have not heard about it. Last Saturday Louis Hesse had a hole in one. Just in case you have not been told…..Cheers and well done Louis.


Creating power and a great impact position is very difficult for a lot of players I see. One of the main factors that influences this is your sequence of movements with the main body parts. Today I want to talk about the downswing.

The downswing sequence starts with the hips first, then trunk, then upper body, then left arm, then finally the club. It’s like throwing a ball. You step forwards first and your lower half begins to turn, then your trunk is pulled around whilst your upper body is hanging back, then your upper body begins to turn whilst your arm is still hanging back and then finally you release your arm at the last second letting all the force out to the ball.

Many times I see a players upper body moving quicker than the lower body in there downswing sequence which releases all that energy too early and they lose all their power. There is a great little exercise to feel this sequence of movement in your swing. Have a go sometime even with out a ball and try to experience storing your power in the club and letting it go at impact.

Watch the video, it’s not perfectly what I wanted but close enough.
Put the focus more on the transition between the end of the backswing and the step forward into the downswing.
This is the key area for storing that power.


As always if your struggling I’m here to help anytime so feel free to contact me and we can talk about how to help you play the golf you dream of.

Until next time keep having fun out there 🙂

Kind regards

Ben Jewell
Certified PGA Professional
Advanced Coaching
Surfers Paradise Golf Club

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All Sports 2017 Championships

This competition held over 2 rounds was completed on Tuesday, 27th June.
Our new A Grade champion is Haydon Jolly with a nett score of 137. The runner-up was John Hyland on 139.

Our new B Grade champion is Ron Dickson with a nett score of 137. The B Grade runner-up was John Lindenthal on 139.

The excellent condition of the course and the fine weather, together with friendly rivalry, made this a memorable event.

On day one, Phil Rose had a remarkable 3 NTP’s and he was not in the last group, I hasten to add.

The entrance sheet was fully subscribed on both days.  Out of consideration for your fellow members, anyone requiring to cancel a booking, should do so as early as possible.

Our much anticipated visit to Kooralbyn is on Tuesday 12th September, more details nearer the time. Take note that only paid up members who have played at least 3 games with All Sports qualify for the subsidised rates on that day.

Happy Golfing.


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