Members News – March Edition


A summary of discussion at our January and February Board Meetings:

  • Repairs to cart paths are a priority however have had to be re-scheduled due to inclement weather. Now scheduled for early March. Final plan for cart paths deferred until repairs completed. Hot mix preferred over concrete due to huge cost difference
  • Fifth green progressing well; bunker lips on 2nd and 5th holes to be lowered; area behind machinery shed to be reduced and OB lines redefined; fewer shotgun starts to be scheduled for 2018.
  • Examination of membership categories and subscription levels for next 2 years initiated and discussion commenced
  • Importance of effective communication between Board, Management and Members agreed. Members information night planned for May and Focus Group planned for August
  • Pro Am tournament date now confirmed for Tuesday 21 August 2018
  • Advice to be sought from qualified engineer on bank erosion around water holes
  • General Manager is putting together his priorities for capital spending in next 12 months
  • Radio Advertising in February generating good membership enquiries.

Don’t forget, if you have any feedback, suggestions and/or ideas on improving your club and course you can communicate these to the Board via our feedback function in the Members area of our website.
David Johnson

Vice President SPGC


Dear Members,

Well this edition starts on a sad note with the news that Ken Eglit has passed away, Ken was a vital component in the creation of this great club and was not just a life member but also our patron, and he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.  I have already been in touch with his family in England to express our condolences as a Club to his passing, and both of his sisters and some family will be coming out from England for the funeral.
Ken’s funeral is on Friday 9th March at 10am (NSW time) at Tweed Valley Cemetery.
For more details you can contact the funeral directors on 02 66722144.

February saw the course renovations take place, these would normally have happened in March but were brought forward for the A grade pennants, and we wanted the greens looking as good as they could for that event, as luck would have it 3 days after the renovations we saw a lot of rain fall over Friday and Saturday, then a storm Monday evening which all told dumped nearly 200mls of water on the course, which was just what we needed after a long dry spell.

Finally the first sets of potholes have now been repaired (as rain delayed the initial start time), the board see the paths as a priority project and we will continue this regeneration of our cart paths over the next 12 months. (And I thank you for your patience with this project)

Inside the Clubhouse we had a quieter February than expected, but talking to industry professionals around the coast this seems to have been widespread and not just confined to us, unfortunately for us the expenses don’t go down in line with trade during a quiet month and so I am not expecting a very good February P&L.

On the bright side Golf membership enquiries continue to remain strong and I know Pam is always very tenacious when trying to sell membership to those who are looking for a golf club to play at and does not let go easily!

With the commonwealth games just around the corner there is some uncertainty amongst a lot of businesses as to whether it will bring strong trading or the opposite, the main problems we will face here will be access to the course for our members and also our suppliers through the disruption, but I like many others believe the 2 weeks of volatility will be worth it as the games are likely to showcase the GC in its best light and encourage future visitation to the city. I have placed a list of road closures in the local area on the member’s board for your perusal.

With the news that all four days of the Easter break are now classed as public holidays (which means double time and a half pay rates), we have had to make the decision to adjust our opening and closing hours in accordance with that, below are the details.
 Easter opening times:
 Friday closed
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 8am – 9pm
Monday 11am – 5pm

Well I think that’s quite enough from me for another month!

Thank you as always and I hope to see you around the Clubhouse soon.



Hi Golfers
Another month has come and gone.
Over this period, we have done renovations on the greens, had nearly 200mm of rain, and a for a lucky few, a trip to King Island to play Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes.
Once again, Duncan has timed his renovations to perfection. With good rain and plenty of hot summer sun, the greens will be as good as new in no time at all.
A King Island golf trip has put big smiles on the faces of 10 members (myself included).
Both Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes were formidable opponents for our golfers. We all learned very quickly how to play in windy conditions and putt on fast greens.
A big thanks to Ben Jewell who put this fantastic adventure together for us.
Division 1 pennants is upon us and we are all looking forward to seeing how our boys do against the best on the Gold Coast.
Pace of play over the last month has been excellent. Well done to everyone for their efforts.
Hopefully by the next newsletter, we will be getting very close to completing work on the 5th green.
Special mention of the month goes to our Club Champion.
Cody turned 21 last month. Happy Birthday to you Cody.

Good Golfing everyone.


Hello again members.
Another busy month the club. We were saddened to hear the passing of Ken Eglit last week. I didn’t know Ken well, but he was a life member of the golf club, foundation member, and most importantly our club patron. I was told that Ken was the man who found the land that our golf course was built on, and had a great vision for what our golf club could become. RIP Ken, and thank you for your vision.

Our junior pennant is done and dusted for the year with a few good results, but not good enough to make the final. Thanks to all the parents for dropping off their child every week to golf, and a special thanks to Peter Hughes and Terry Barr for looking after the team.

Div I pennant starts this week, with our team consisting of Terry Barr, Cody Davis, Terry Yoon, Trent Rose, Jacob Montgomery, Taylor Barr and Boyd Johnson. Great to see our club back where it belongs in Div I. It will be a long season for the team with a break in the middle due to the Commonwealth Games. Who knows what it will be like during the games, but it could turn out to be great for the club, and be greater for the city. Remember to allow plenty of extra time for travel during this period.

I would like to thank the board for nominating me the QLD club pro of the year. Maybe this year will finally be the time the I win this prestigious award. I have been nominated and made it through to the final voting many times in the past, but have never received the honour. It is certainly an honour to be nominated. The awards are held at the Star later this month.

Ben has just been to King Island with 9 of our members, and I believe that all the men involved had a great time. We are looking forward to the possibility of doing more of these trips in the future, and maybe visiting a few of our reciprocal clubs.
Ladies golf is well under, and it is great to see so many new faces out and about on a Thursday. Well done to those who are doing the recruiting, or it’s just our reputation as a female friendly club that is doing the job for us.
I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Michael and Tara Hansen. Michael was a very popular trainee pro that we had for a few years, and is now the assistant pro at Riverlakes Golf Club in Logan.

I had the pleasure of watching Ali play The Australian Open last month. It was great to watch and although she missed the cut, she put in a creditable performance as it was an LPGA event that had 8 of the world’s top 20 players in the field. Ali was one of only a dozen or so Aussies in the field, which I find pity that this is the trend in our major ladies events. Round of the week goes to Peter Groundwater for his blistering 63nett in the AllSports monthly medal. Great golfing Peter, and let’s hope the good form continues.

That’s all for now and good golfing,


Pam Rainger Memorial Shield –  Single knock-out match play – Good luck to those who qualified on 1/3/18
Round 1 – 13/3/18, Round 2 – 20/3/18, Round 3 – 27/3/18, Final – 29/3/18

The draw was completed on Tuesday 6/3/18, posted on the noticeboard in the Associates Room and entered on the timesheet for Tuesday 13/3/18 (Round 1).
Any withdrawals from 6/3/18 will be deemed a forfeit.

Tuesday 13/3/18 –
7.28am 10th Tee

Watkins, Yasha vs Absell-Hagan, Suzanne

Metcher, Ann vs Cameron-Cox, Di

7.35am 10th Tee

Hassum, June vs Potter, Diane

Hendrie, Carmel vs Daines, Lynette

7.42am 10th Tee

Richardson, Marcia vs Mallory, Yvonne

Valencour, Marie vs Gibbons, Cheryl

7.49am 10th Tee

Cain, Heather vs Dewar, Jenny

Davidson, Robyn vs Goodale, Lorraine

2018 Fixture books are now available for collection from the office.

Terry Williams Memorial Trophy – played on Thursday 1/3/18 & Saturday 3/3/18 – sponsored by Yvonne Hucks. This event was won on Thursday by Yasha Watkins with a stunning round of 71 nett. It was equalled with another stunning round of 71 nett on Saturday by Jude Eastaway which brought it to a countback.  Congratulations to Yasha Watkins who won the Terry Williams Memorial Trophy on the countback.

Vicki Laws (Vice Captain) and Yvonne Hucks (Sponsor) presenting Jude Eastaway (centre) with the Saturday award for the Terry Williams Memorial Trophy

Vicki Laws (Vice Captain) presenting Yasha Watkins with the Terry Williams Memorial Trophy for 2018

Saturday Ladies Shirt Medal (Green Shirt) – sponsored by Chris Fletcher and Peter Lawson – was won by Jude Eastaway (March)

Founders Day – Sunday 11th February 2018 – a great day was had by all.  Maureen Scott and Lee Peters won the 4BBB Stableford event for the ladies.  Pictured below is Maureen Scott receiving the Ladies Founders Day Trophy from Reg Lun.

Congratulations to Velma Harding and Robyn Davidson who played in the inaugural Halcyon Cup on 19th February 2018 which saw Women’s Golf Gold Coast defeat Brisbane Ladies District Golf Association Veterans players at Gainsborough Greens.

Good luck to all the girls playing in the Business Women’s and Junior Girls Pennant for 2018.  With 3 rounds remaining we wish the team best of luck for the rest of the season.

Business Women’s Pennant Team – Beaudesert – 4/3/18

L-R Judy Blucher, Wendy Hollis, Carol Fox, Kay Palmer, Di Whish-Wilson

Ladies Annual Dinner 2018 – A suggestion box is in the Associates room until April for your suggestions for the 2018 Ladies Annual Dinner

Associates Club Shirts (Blue) – orders can be placed with the Pro Shop by sending an email to (Attention Paul or Ben) with the following details.
Cost is $55-$60.
Body (long/med/short)
Sleeves (no/cap/short/long)

Name Badges – a sheet has been put up in the Associates Room for name badge orders.
Price is $10 each.  Please complete ASAP as order will be placed by mid-March.Coming Events:  
Nudgee Grudge Match – Monday 26 March 2018 – a 9am shotgun start at Surfers Paradise Golf Club.  Organise your team of 2, wear your club shirt and bring your best golf and singing voices to win the match against Nudgee Golf Club!  Enjoy a delicious buffet style lunch as we celebrate our win!!!  Copies of our Associates Club Song and new Nudgee Song are in the Associates room. Cost for lunch is $15 prepaid by Tuesday 20/3/18.Di Whish-Wilson (Secretary)

Hi everyone and welcome to another tip of the month.

This week I want to talk about being aware of where you hit the ball on the club face and how it influences the shot.

Firstly if you don’t hit the ball in the centre of the club face it not only effects the distance but also the direction. How far you hit away from the centre will determine how much this influences the shot.

Hitting the club face in the hosel is what causes a shank. The hosel is the rounded part of the club face on an iron that is next to the heel. People who shank often prefer woods and hybrids because the hosel is above the club face so doesn’t effect the shot.

Hitting the ball in the toe (toe is the furtherest part of the club face from you) makes it go left and hitting in the heel makes it go right. So if you make a great swing and your club path is perfect and the club face is facing straight at the target but you hit it out of the toes it will go left. This is why it’s important to know whether you hit the middle because you can easily confuse yourself if your not aware. The new Taylormade twist face clubs are aimed at this problem and are helping reduce the impact it has on shots.

Next time you practise put some tape or a sticker of some sort across the club face so you can see where you are hitting it. This will help you understand differences in your shots and your tendencies. It’s also a great way to practise and get used to trying to hit the ball out of the middle.

If you find you can’t hit the middle then it might a good idea to come and see me and learn how.

Until next time keep enjoying the challenge.

Kind regards
Ben Jewell

Well haven’t we had extremes recently, very hot dry weather followed by very wet weather 205mm in 5 days between the 23rdand 27th of February washed most of the stolons off the 5th green we’re stolonised the green only to be hit with more heavy rain 35 and 60mm on the 6th and 7th of March we have a bit of a strike but more stolons will have to be applied.
Renovations were also hampered by that very heavy period of 205mm, rain is good at renovations but not as much as we got washing sand and fertiliser off our greens. But two weeks later they are improving.
Major Pennants Sunday the 18th they should be near their best weather permitting.
The rough is growing after the rain so keep on the fairways.
Happy golfing Duncan


Our shotgun start on 13th February was appreciated by all and ensured  a good attendance at the AGM.
The committee for 2018 was reduced by 2 and was elected as follows:

President and Treasurer – Ron Echin
Captain – Peter Groundwater
Vice-Captain – Colin Overy
Secretary – Brian Collins
Ian Douglas
Terry Kerr
Terry Breen

Our visit to Emerald Lakes  on Monday 19th of February was a great success with a nice round number (36) of participants. It was a scorcher of a day without the benefit of a sea breeze. The course, although in great condition, made us appreciate our home course all the more.
The single stableford competition was won by Paul Weeks (39 c/b), followed by Doug Hearne, 3rd place went to Gary Willis (36 c/b).
Members should be aware that their individual daily handicap must be their G.A. Handicap adjusted for the slope rating of the course in play.

Looking forward to playing in the cooler weather on our well watered course.

Happy golfing.


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