Members News – May Edition


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Members who took the opportunity to attend both the Information Evening regarding The Glades offer on Monday the 30th April and also the EGM on the 3rd May.

I would especially like to compliment Dave Jackson our Treasurer on the work he put into providing a  balanced presentation justifying the position taken by the Board.

It will be my plan to now work with the Board in producing a set of guidelines that can be adopted as a minimum requirement for any  “Deals “ that may surface in the future,whether with The Glades or any other Gold Coast Course.

Another point that did not go un-noticed was the exclusion of the Associates from this very important decision making process,I believe if and when another vote of this nature has to be taken a way to include the Associates must be found.

I sincerely hope the distractions of the last few months are now behind us and we can concentrate on building this great Club.

The Commonwealth Games are now well and truly over so I will once again be attacking Gold Coast City Council reminding them of their promise to readdress our Recycled Water supply.

Recently, Board Member Dale Paterson resigned because of Personal commitments Interstate,we thank Dale for his input during his period on the Board. In the interim we have invited Peter Hughes to fill the vacancy until the AGM, Peter is heavily involved with the Clubs Junior programme and should be an asset to the Board.

Happy Mothers day to all our Mothers and Grandmothers.

Phil Murphy


I will start this month with the Glades, I am sure you are all aware by now that the general meeting produced a conclusive no vote to the proposal given to the Club, I think this was the right outcome and I am glad that the majority of members saw that as well.As is normal here there seems to always be a few rumours around this Club which I am always happy to answer (when they finally get to me of course!), unfortunately these escalated through the Glades proposal time frame with some wild stories and even a two page document that was circulated around the Club, which was not only blatantly untrue but whose sole purpose it seemed was to undermine and sow division amongst the membership.

I feel very strongly that these types of actions from some members do nothing for our Club or our reputation, and are driven solely by personal agendas; this is a member’s golf club first and foremost and should not be a place where we allow people to undermine and create disharmony with impunity, I am always happy to listen to people’s opinions, ideas and feedback (good and bad) but to purposely spread untruths is not acceptable behaviour and those that do it should be called out by their fellow  members,  this type of behaviour not only insults other members but it denigrates the efforts of our volunteers, the committee members and also the employees of this Club who all work incredibly hard on a daily basis to take this club forward.

I wanted to share this with you as I felt it needed to be said in this forum so that everybody can understand the expectations that we as a Club want from everyone associated with it, I hope now that the Club can move on together as a team and put this chapter behind us.

On the bright side it could be a good business plan to introduce a vote on something at least once a month as it generated great income at the bar!

While in other news…….


Membership categories and pricing for 18/19 have been approved by the Board, there will be some increases in pricing but these have been kept as low as we can, the Board have been very active in creating membership categories this year that reflect the changing times of Club membership in the modern era, the associate badge has also been dropped and we now just have men and woman categories, and I applaud the Board for their vision for club membership.


We have a new 5 day membership, for men this excludes Thursday and Saturday play, for woman’s 5 day membership it excludes Wednesday and Saturday.

Age length membership for men and woman is based on a 7 day full membership, the Board have purposely not increased age length woman to the same price as men as they felt this was to large an increase in one go, and so will be phased in over the next 3 years to bring parity across all members what it will do immediately is to create 53 new voting members at the Club, these being the age length woman.

Twilight membership will also begin next FY year and is primarily aimed at those looking to take up the game, improve their game or are time poor (family commitments etc.) this restricted category will be a no green fee membership from 2pm each day accept on Wednesdays and Saturdays where it will be from 3pm.

We are aware that the new 5 day restricted category will be a concern to some members with buggy sheds and in no way does the Board wish to create any stress on our membership and as such those members with buggy sheds already who will become 5 day members will not be penalised but those on the waiting list will move behind 7 day members waiting to get one.

Last but not least, don’t miss your opportunity to WIN a year of golf on us!
We have 2 Seven Day Memberships to giveaway, one male and one female.
Simply wine and dine at the club over the next few months and be at the draws for your chance to win.
This is a golf member only promotion and prize draws will be conducted on the 23rd and 30th June at 7.30pm.


Hi Golfers,

Well winter is on its way, so don’t forget to put your winter woolies in your golf bag.

The 5th Green is almost ready to go, and Duncan has advised that it will be in use for the June Monthly Medal. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to getting back to playing it again.

For those who qualify for the 105 rule, make sure you read the notice board for the correct ways this rule is applied.
(The ladies tees are not one of your options).
As the colder conditions arrive, please be aware of the blue lines around our greens. Please do not cross these lines, they are there for a reason.

The Glades proposal has come and gone. The members have decided that Surfers Golf Club is the place to play. I am extremely happy that this was the case. Your committee will continue to work hard for all the members of this great club. Hopefully we can all move forward and enjoy our golf again.

Good golfing.

Greg Hill


Hello again members,

What a month! Lots happening around the club with great demo days by Footjoy, Cobra and Taylormade during the last month, and at the end of May, we have Mark Wong, Australia’s top Callaway fitter which is an absolute privilege for us to have him. If you want to take advantage of Mark’s visit, book in for May 31st now!

Our division I pennant team continues to battle on. We haven’t had a lot of wins this year, but the form of Cody Davis, Terry Yoon and Taylor Barr in particular have been very impressive, with Cameron Hughes making his debut was a real thrill. Many thanks goes to Dave Johnson for the way he has given his time so freely to manage the team.

Round of the month is a tie between Dave Armstrong and Don Reynolds. Both men had nett 66 in the monthly medal to win their respective grades. It has been great to see so many new members around the club, I feel our reputation as the friendliest golf club is growing. I even had some none golfers sign up as social members on a public holiday.

Look out for our new grip wall that goes 9in next week. Loads of specials and on May 30th, Steve Smith will be here representing Golf Imports/Golf Pride and putting on a complimentary grip on your favourite club.
See the difference, and you will see the benefit of a new grip. 

Top end golf bags 20% off on the balcony
30% off all club logo luggage
2016 Chrome Soft $49.50 a Dozen    



King Salver – Foursomes Match Play – Congratulations to our winners Robyn Davidson and Lorraine Goodale who defeated Kay Sylvester and Fay Nixon 2 up.  A very good match girls.

WINNERS – Robyn Davidson & Lorraine Goodale

RUNNERS UP – Fay Nixon & Kaysie Sylvester

Mott Trophy – Single Knockout Match Play – Congratulations to the 8 players who qualified on Saturday to play in this event.  The draw is below.  Congratulations also to Yvonne Hucks who won the Green Shirt Medal for May with a scintillating score of nett 70.

Mott Trophy 2018 Round 1

7.30am Yvonne Hucks V Judy Blucher, Yasha Watkins V Jude Eastaway

7.37am Karen Anderson V Andrea Davis, Emma Hughes V Wendy Hollis

Well done to Marianne, Vicki, Velma & Andrea who played in the Sir Bruce Small Trophy on Monday 30/4/18 at Surfers Paradise Golf Club.  The District Event this year was won by Arundel Hills Golf Club.

The Tom & Veneda McGee Rosebowl was held on Thursday 26/4/18 – it was a Stroke Aggregate Nett Team of 4 event – Congratulations to the winners with a fantastic aggregate score of 304 – Therese Blair, Robyn Davidson, Dot Petrie & Libby Evans (pictured below).  Runners up were Marianne Ioannou, Maureen Giles, Vicki Laws and Jan Sugg with another great score of 307.

L-R Libby Evans, Robyn Davidson, Dot Petrie and Therese Blair

Saturday Ladies Shirt Medal (Green Shirt) – sponsored by Chris Fletcher and Peter Lawson – was won by Jude Eastaway (March), Yvonne Hucks (May)

Associates Club Shirts (Blue) – orders can be placed with the Pro Shop by sending an email to (Attention Paul or Ben) with the following details.  Cost is $55-$60.
Size | Body (long/med/short) | Sleeves (no/cap/short/long)

WGGC Vet’s – shirts are available via email or phone 0488 627 548 in sizes 8-24 for $65 in three styles cap, short and long sleeve.

Coming Events: 

Mott Trophy – Saturday Matchplay – Qualify Round 5/5/18 – 8 players to qualify
Round 1 – 12/5/18, Round 2 – 19/5/18, Final – 26/5/18

Joan Irving Jug – 4BBB Stroke Matchplay 16 teams of 2 players 5/6/18-21/6/18, Entries close 31/5/18, $5 Entry fee

Open Charity Day – 28/6/18 8.30am Shot-gun Start – Visitors Welcome – 4 Person Waltz Stableford, Entry Pre-paid, computer timesheet

Mid-Week Pennant – 1st Match is Monday 16/7/18, Expressions of Interest are now being taken on noticeboard in Associates Room.

Ladies Annual Dinner 2018 – Friday 30/11/18

Dianne Whish-Wilson


One of the true fundamentals of hitting good irons shots and chipping is that club head must be going downwards when it strikes the ball. It’s the clubs loft and ball spin that makes the ball go in the air not the club head lifting the ball into the air with an upward strike.

Quite often when I talk to players about this they either don’t know that the club head should be going down or they do know but don’t know how it happens. I wanted to explain the basic principle of a downward strike.

As the club swings at the golf ball to the impact position whenever the club head is trailing or behind your hands it will be going downwards. As soon as the club head passes your hands it begins to go upwards. This is a basic idea but so important.

As a result your set up and general thought process should be about keeping your hands in front of the club head and keeping the shaft of the club leaning forward as you strike the shot.

You can see above a great set up position for a chip shot. This is mimicking the proper impact position for the hands and club head. See how the shaft is leaning towards the target or to his left. This is ensuring a downward strike and great contact. Your ball position and stance will be different for a full shot but the hands will still be in front of the ball slightly making the shaft lean properly.

Practising these tips will improve your contact and shot patterns pretty much guaranteed.
If it doesn’t or you want to learn more come and see me.

Ben Jewell


We had a working bee on Monday 16th, April and completed the following Tidied up area behind the old buggy sheds adjacent to the practice fairway.
Removed small casuarinas growing along the lake on the 18th.
Pruned and cleaned up the garden beds at the 17th tee, as well as pruning the overgrowth behind the same tee.
Cleaned and tidied up the garden area adjacent to the 16th tee.
Removed leaf foliage in the concrete pit where the diesel tank is located, improving safety in the area.

Practice nets have also been repaired, improving safety.

The OOB area behind the machinery shed has been cleaned up with a huge amount of rubbish being buried, thus saving a large cost on rubbish collection, we hope to begin planting an attractive hedge to hide the area and greatly improve the appearance in the near future.

A great job by all volunteers involved.

Happy golfing to All.


Our over sewing of the greens has just started to appear, although last Sundays torrential 32mm of rain washed allot of seed off our greens we still got a descent strike.
I gave the greens there first cut Wednesday and Thursday at 8mm, today Friday they were cut at 6mm, this will be the same for Saturday and this coming Monday , before dropping them down to 4mm Tuesday for the rest of the winter.
Our 5th green is coming along well, I have talked to our captain and we will open it for the June Medal on the 2nd of June.
Happy Golfing.


The happy John Canning receiving his Hole in One trophy from President Ron Echin for 17 B on 10th April.

Monthly medal winners for April were: A Grade – Bill Long, and B Grade – Terry Breen.

The rejected Glades bid was a big distraction last week.  Any lingering disappointment by those who lost the vote, should now be forgotten, as we move on.  Our President, Ron Echin, urges us all to remain united in our full support for the ongoing success of the Surfers Paradise Golf Club.

Happy golfing.

For more information contact Dave Johnson on 0433027704 or via email at


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