Members News – October


Many thanks to those Members and Associates who completed our initial survey. Your responses provide the Board and Club Management with a valuable indication of what is important to you, and these will play an essential role in our current priority focus and the development of our strategic Plan for the future.

This survey showed that improving the golf course layout and condition and securing our water supply, which I might add Council still assure us will be early in the new year, were by far the most important issues for most Members and Associates. The suggestions you had in the decision to increase the value of your golf membership varied widely, but a greater focus on course condition including our bunkers, more effective financial management, better communication from the Board, addressing slow play and updating clubhouse and member facilities were common themes.

Please take the time to access a summary of responses to this survey in the Members Area of our website or CLICK HERE

Thanks again for taking the time to complete the survey and for all your ideas and suggestions.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the hugely successful running of the 45th Ladies South Pacific Open. Special thanks to Carmel Hendrie and her Committee, Mick and all the Club staff, Paul and the Pro shop staff, Duncan and his crew for a well-presented Course and finally all the Volunteers who helped around the course with Bar-B-Ques and as Spotters, your efforts were appreciated.

Phil Murphy
President SPGC


A busy month in the Club with two weddings already done and another four to go for October.  I will be on course with a number of Buggies after 4pm this Saturday, as I look for places to take those once in a lifetime wedding photos (but I have it mostly down pat now and try to keep them to just a couple of spots!) it is certainly a significant change from my former gaming career in the Casino industry to being the wedding guy!

As I write this piece, SPLOCtober is coming to an end for another year. I would like to thank all of my team throughout the event for their hard work and dedication in making this event a success, as I am sure you are aware there are always some challenges to be overcome in the background each year.

To the woman’s committee, and the volunteers, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you all, the hard work and endeavor you put into this event is utterly fantastic and thoroughly deserves to be acknowledged, it never ceases to amaze me how committed our members are to the success of this Club.

Some time back I talked about a Vegetation Management Plan, you will be pleased to know that this has now been completed and is available on our website in the member’s section to view (please note this is not the MiClub section) also this area is now password protected, please use spgcmemarea1156 for access.

In regards to the car park upgrade, it looks like we will be unable to get the number of extra car parks that we first hoped for making the cost rather prohibitive for the small gain, my thanks to Nev “Nifty” Davey who has done some extensive work on this project.

We are all delighted to welcome the softly spoken Megan Pummeroy to the team, Megan will be taking over the role vacated by Jannie who has been wonderful for us over the last two years, but I have no doubt Megan will be a fantastic addition to the team here.

The AGM is almost upon us all the details of what will be happening are in the member’s section of the website for you to peruse.

A big thank also needs to go out to all the members who filled in our online survey; our Club President talks more about this in this edition of the member’s news.

I am aware of some issues with the break-up of prize money on the new $12 entry fees and these will be back paid to anyone who has missed out over the next couple of weeks

My thanks goes out to Ian Penny our club captain as he steps down from his role, It has both been a pleasure to work with him and also gain from his experience out on the course.

Thank you as always, and I hope to see you around the Clubhouse



Hi Everyone,

We have not had a working bee since the last newsletter, however much planning has been taking place, and guess what, there is still lots to do around the Course.

The rain received has greened up the Course and spurted a growth explosion, which will have to be contained.

We will re-commence the working bees once all the current competitions have been completed.

Enjoy your golf and your Course.

Hi Members.
Exciting times at the club with The South Pacific Classic, Club Championships and this Saturday the Match Play Championship Finals.Well done to all the winners –
A Grade Vicki Laws and Cody Davis
B Grade June Hassum and Peter Hegerty
C Grade Lyn Daines and Ken LangleyThere were many other winners, such as Junior Champ Taylor Barr and Senior Paul Curties.The Champs were held in high spirits, and there was hardly a dry eye when Cody Davis hold the winning putt and then was showered with Champagne by Blaze Chapman.

May I take this opportunity to thank Ian Penney for his invaluable contribution to the Club.

In his three years as Captain, always a thankless task but I am sure a worthwhile one, Ian was always available to help around the club.

Congratulations to Carmel Hendrie and her team on a fabulous few days of the South Pacific Classic and what a thrill to have Dawn Fraser turn up for the
Cocktail party!

30% off GPS Units
Ladies Footjoy Shoes were $199 now $119.
Were $159 now $99.


South Pacific Ladies Open Classic – it’s over for another year, and on behalf of the Ladies Committee and all the players, thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors, and to the club’s administration, bar, kitchen, grounds and pro shop staff for their support of this annual event.   We hosted over 110 players (some from as far away as Lae & Port Moresby in PNG) over 4 days of golf in perfect weather conditions.  We commenced with a Cocktail Party celebrating 45 years of this event, where our own Rhonda Sharratt interviewed a panel comprising of Ann Wilson, Paul Orchard, Rachel Hetherington, Vicki Laws and Daphne Pirie AO, MBE who regaled stories of their involvement with this event over all those years.  Surprise guest Dawn Fraser AO, MBE also shared in the celebration.



Congratulations to this year’s 54 hole Classic Winner Ms Hye Park from Royal Pines coming in with rounds of 73, 72 and 74 totalling 219 being 3 shots ahead of the field.  The 54 hole Gross Seniors event involved a play-off between Vicki Laws and Josie Ryan from Headland with Vicki finishing runner-up.

Open Day Thursday 19 October – there are still tee times available for this event so we will accept late entries in support of The Australian Paediatric Cancer Registry.  Come along and invite a visitor.

Annual General Meeting – Thursday 23 November at 8.30am followed by a 10am shotgun start.  Nominations for Committee positions can be made via the office and close 26 October.

Saturday Ladies – congratulations to Carol Fox winning the October Red Shirt event.

Associates Dinner – mark on your calendar this is Friday 1 December (not Friday 10 November as advertised in the Fixtures Book).  “Colour My World” theme.  $30 per person.  Registration sheet in the locker room.

Hi All.
Well, this is my last item for the loop. I am stepping down as captain and letting the younger members take over. Greg Hill will be your new captain from the end of the month and I wish him all the best.
A big thanks to everyone I worked with over the last 3 years. You know who you are and I couldn’t have survived without your help.
I’m going to sit back and go back to just playing golf and supporting the bar of course.The new eighth green looks good and we will be on it soon.
Thank you Duncan. You have done a great job once again.Well…That’s it.
See you on the course or in the clubhouse.
Cheers and thank you.


Hope everyone had a enjoyable Club Championships, I think the course played well, it is good to see our fairways coming back after our spot spraying weed programme during the winter months, some fertiliser and 37mm of rain on the 3rd of October and they are starting to look good. Our greens are rolling well with the Poa Triv hanging in after a warm winter and spring. Our new 8th green is coming along nicely, now it is starting to get some heat and light, it is about 95% there, so I am opening it for the three days of the Ladies South Pacific, then closing it for about two weeks to give it another top dress and a granular fertilise, then we will open it for good, hope everyone enjoys the new contours.

Happy golfing and lots of Birdies



Hi everyone I hope your playing the golf of your dreams but if your not….this might help 🙂

Dealing with Negativity

Most rounds I play even when I was practising hard and playing a lot I only ever hit about 5 – 10 shots that go exactly how I picture them and that’s on a good day. On a bad day I probably don’t see any in that perfect flight I imagine.

One of the hardest things about golf I think is continuing to be positive when you don’t hit the shots you think and know you can. The ability to accept the outcome and continue focusing on the process.

Here are some things to try and be mindful of to help you stay positive and get the most out of every round you play.

1. Get an attitude adjustment 😉

The way you interact with people about your golf has a huge influence on your confidence levels. The classic lines are as follows

Me – “Good luck out there today Henry”
Henry replies – “I’m gonna need it!”

Me – “Play well today Henry”
Henry replies – “Yeh right” heavily sarcastic obviously

Henry pays his comp fee and says “$12 of pain thanks”

We’ve all said it and we’ve all let ourselves think this way but please never kid yourself this doesn’t influence you negatively. It definitely does, if it comes out of your mouth your brain believes it to be real, it owns it. It might be hard amongst your group of players to change this because it’s very common to banter negatively amongst your peers but I guarantee you if you can change this you will feel better about your golf.

2. Be aware of your arousal levels

Arousal level is a common term in sport for your mental state. At its basic form there are 3 states of arousal. Your either calm, over stimulated or under stimulated.

Henry wakes up Saturday morning, he’s been waiting all week for this moment, slogging it out at work. He arrives at the course and it positively beaming, greeting all his friends excitedly, it’s a picture perfect day and he’s thinking this is the day. “This is going to be the best round ever today I just know it”. After a fantastic quick little warm up Henry steps up on the first tee. He can see and feel that perfect shot and is ready to go….

Henry has a massive swipe and nearly misses the ball, it bounces across the path through the shrubs and into the water. He stares at it in disbelief…how could that happen? He says to himself. After that shot Henry never recovered and nearly finished last in the competition that day.

Henry was what we called over stimulated and although in a positive state of mind he needed to calm himself to perform at his best. Quite often in this state a person walks and talks faster than normal and their breathing is shallow. Focusing on deep breathes and walking and talking at your normal pace can settle the mind back into a calm state.

Over stimulated is also when a player is upset which is probably more common than the above example :). Deep breathes once again are helpful and a good routine and visualisation is crucial to getting back into a positive frame of mind. Picturing that perfect shot and believing it is a technique that you can work on and develop.

Being under stimulated is where the player has trouble focusing and their care factor is too low. Self talk is important here to get your mind into that sharp attentive state. Things like “come on you stupid idiot hit the ball properly!” Don’t help hahaha!
Things like “you can do this, you’ve hit this shot many times before”, or even the Lleyton Hewitt “come on!” Can help you fire up a bit.

Everyone is different and we all have different triggers but a good start is first of all checking in regularly with yourself to assess your levels and trying to get into that calm focused state. Have a go next time you play and see what you find out about yourself 🙂

That’s all I can fit in this tip and it really is just the tip of the iceberg but I hope it helps. If you would like me to help you with this part of your game my on course lesson is ideal and has helped many players so far.

Good luck on your journey to better golf and see you soon.

Kind regards
Ben Jewell


Allsports members have an Away Day at Carbrook GC on Tuesday 24thOctober.

We will be going by bus, the bus leaving Surfers Paradise GC at 0830. Anyone interested in going please contact Peter Groundwater 0401 012 191. There will be a sign on 17th October.



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