Hall of Fame – Men

Dan Mott – President – 1975, 76, 77, 78

The Dan Mott trophy was created in 1992 as recognition for contributions to the Club.

Max StuartPresident – 1979, 80, 81, 82, 86, 87, 88

The most capped President to date. An amiable persona who was also a very talented tennis player who loved to share a joke with everyone. Arranged many deals in the early years of the Club to ensure its survival.

John Barr – President – 1989, 90, 91, 92

A genial president who always wore a Club jacket at presentations creating an air of officialdom.

Harry BakerPresident – 1995, 96, 97, 98, 2005, 06

During Harry’s presidential terms new fairways were laid which resulted in vastly improved playing conditions. The bar area and locker room were renovated, and newsletters to members was introduced. Harry joined the Club in 1988, and with a great interest in history was heavily involved in a publication of the first 25 years of the Clubs history.

Peter Roche – President – 2002, 03, 04

Peter joined the Club in 1969 and was President when the first effluent water system was  used on the Course.

Peter and the Captain were the first to develop a five year strategy for Course development. During his tenure Peter was also very active in volunteer work improving the Course environs.

Alan Watson – President – 2007, 08, 09, 10

Alan joined the Club in 1994 and was the primary negotiator in the Glades swap deal. Whilst the development application failed and the deal died, the result of Alan’s negotiations saw the Club with full membership and a waiting list of 100, plus a balance in excess of $2m.

Craig Smith – President – 2011, 12, 13, 14, 15

Craig reinstated permanent staff for Course and Bistro, employed new General Manager to progress Club, including strategic planning initiatives. Undertook major infrastructure spending on irrigation, buggy shed and clubhouse upgrade including new roofs. Modernised Clubs electronic media, website and constitution. Craig joined the Club in 2000.

Phil Murphy President – 2015, 16, 17, 18, 19

Phil joined the Club in 2003 and is currently Club President.                                                                        

Michael Woodgate – Captain – 1977, 78, 79, 80, 81, 84                

Planted trees to define the dogleg on the 9th fairway, now infamously known as “ Woodgate’s Folly “

Rob HeaneyCaptain – 1982, 83, 85, 86

Rob was a very competent golfer, as highlighted by winning both the Match Play and A Grade Club championship in 1980.

Graeme Morrissey – Captain – 1998, 99, 2000, 11, 12, 13, 14

The most capped Captain of the Club after joining in 1988, and prior to 2001 was involved in the fairway’s planting of wintergreen and the connection to re-cycled water. Constructed bunkers on the 1st, 14th and 15th fairways.

Post 2010, the greens contractor was dismissed and greens staff only were employed. A complete watering system including pumps and filters replaced an aged and unreliable system. The 3rd green was constructed and the 8th green revamped. The practice nets were relocated to their current position. 

Boyd JohnsonClub Champion – 1997, 98, 2001, 02, 07, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16

Boyd is not only the most capped Club Champion, but was also Match Play Champion in 1998,99, 2001,09,13 and is still very capable of adding even more to his cabinet. Boyd has represented the Club over many years in Pennant and Inter-club events.

Don Reynolds

Don joined the Club in 1976 as a practicing solicitor and quickly became involved in Club matters including a tremendous contribution in the formation of the Clubs constitution. Acting as voluntary Club solicitor many issues such as  covering original tennis leases, Rhode Island development and Rick Baker contract renewal were negotiated.

Roly Soegaard

Player & Coach of pennant teams. Tireless worker planting reeds to prevent erosion on waterways, planting bromeliads throughout the course, and working bee participation. A highly regarded and well credentialed expert on golf rules. Roly now has a competition with his name immortalised for his tremendous contribution – The Roly Soegaard Cup.

Ralph Cohen

Ralph joined the Club in 1989 and shortly after became a Director serving for 12 years under 4 Presidents. Served on House and Membership committees for most of those years. Ralph convinced the powers to be to save the old 17th green during the hole reconstruction thus allowing for an extra hole { 17B } for use as a temporary hole or a practice facility.

Kevin Brown

Originally joined the Club around 2005, forced to leave due to ill health but re-joined around 2008. Kevin has worked tirelessly with the working bee group from the beginning. An experienced machine operator, Kevin has been involved with a vast number of projects, removing unwanted palm trees and re-directing our effluent are two recent instances.

Over many years Kevin has assisted the Course staff and through his efforts has saved the Club a lot of expense.

Ron Bowden

Ron participated in working bees from day one of their inception. He decided to assist the green keeping staff by driving a mower and has continued doing so over what has become many years. His actions as a volunteer has allowed greens staff to complete other tasks and has assisted the Club’s expenditure with wages savings. Ron joined the Club in 1995.

Dave Jackson

Became Treasurer in 1992 and remained in that position until 2011/12.  Re-elected in 2015 and is currently still Treasurer in 2019/20.  Is a current life member for services to SPGC.

Jim Oxenford

Jim joined the Club in 1979 and became a Director in 1997 until 2001.
Along with John Barr, Jim created the Cock of the Walk event in 1989, and with John they won the event in 1990 /91 /92 and the event is still played to this day.

Other victories include – Gold Medal winner 1982 and 2014, C Grade Match Play, Champion 1981, Roly Soegard Cup in 1987 also with John Barr.

With Tony Last as his partner Jim won the 4Ball Match Play Championship in both 1994 and 1995, Jim was also the C Grade Club Champion in 2000.

During his time as a Director Jim oversaw the first air-conditioning installation in the clubhouse, and is apparently responsible for planting the fig tree adjacent to the 2nd green.

Jim has served as a great Club man and now both his daughter Virginia and son Bruce are valued members.

Nick Robertson

Nick joined the Club in 1969 and became a Director in1995 – 1997.

During his time as a Director Nick upgraded both Ladies and Men’s locker rooms and was heavily involved in the refurbishment of the bar area and the outdoor smoking area.

Nick was also involved with the overall re grassing of all the fairways, which have remained serving the Club well over the years.

Nick was the C Grade Match Play Champion in 2007, and with J. Naismith was the 4 Ball Match Play Champion in 2003.

Brian Grieve

Brian became a member in 1980 and joined with a mutual friend in Brian Farrugia on the same day.

In 1989, Brian with Ken Watson as his partner won the 4 Ball Match Play Championship.

Brian was a Gold Medal winner in 1995 and was victorious in the 2010 C Grade Match play, and has achieved 1 hole in one.

A bricklayer by profession, Brian is responsible for many tasks completed around the Course including the blockwork on the 15th tee and Ladies 3rd tee. His practical knowledge and continued support over many years has contributed to significant Course improvement.

In more recent times, Brian has been the instigator and organiser of Monday golf days at other locations which he brilliantly arranges.

A tremendous volunteer in working bees over many years richly deserves entry into the Hall of Fame.

John Maksimas

John joined the Club in 1977 and was elected as Vice President in 1981 /82, later as a Director in 1985 / 86.

Paired with Ken Gillespie, John won the Foursomes Championship in 1980, 1981 and 1982 the only pair to have won 3 times consecutively.

John won the Captains Putter in 1985.

Also in 1982 John was victorious in the Surfers Paradise Cup, and in 1989 was the A Grade Match Play Champion. John has also achieved 1 hole in one at this Club.

John captained our A Grade Pennant team for 2 years and managed the team for 1 year.

John was the Club handicapper for two years, and with Doug Wilson won the Gold Coast District Foursomes Championship at Helensvale.

A very competent billiard / snooker player playing at district level, and an excellent darts player, John is a very worthy addition to the Hall of Fame.

Ross Harding

Ross joined in 1989.

First becoming a Director in 2003 until 2006, at which time became Vice- President until 2009.

In 2003, Ross was victorious in the 4BBB Match Play knockout, and in 2015 partnered by his wife Velma won the Dan Mott Trophy, both honour board events.

A Civil Engineer by profession, Ross has given his time and expertise on many projects including design and construction of the 9th bridge and the retaining wall on the 17th.

When the Glades proposal was being suggested, Ross carried out extensive infrastructure inspections assisting the Board.

Ross has also represented the Club in inter-club pennant competitions, and is very worthy of inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

Bob Sailor

Bob joined the Club in 2003.

Bob was elected as a Director in 2011 and served until 2013.

In 2014 / 15 Bob was elected as Vice- Captain.

Bob’s achievements include winning the 2006 Captain’s Putter, and the 4BBB Match Play knockout in 2011.

Partnered with John Smart, Bob was the 2008 Cock of the Walk winner, and with Michael Carlisle won Founders Day in 2014.

3 holes in one have added to his resume.

Over many years however Bob has been responsible for line marking areas around the Course and has offered great assistance as hosting Friday members nights.

A great contributor to the Club, Bob certainly has earned his inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

Anthony Last

Anthony, known affectionately as Tony joined the Club in 1975.

His achievements in winning competitions is unsurpassed over many years as indicated.

Tony has won 9 mixed honour board events with various partners.

Tony has been the B Grade Club Champion on 7 occasions, and C Grade Champion on 2 occasions.

As Match Play Champion he has won B Grade 4 times and C Grade 2 times.

Tony has won 1 Surfers Paradise Cup, 2 Captain’s Putter events, 3 times Cock of the Walk winner, and 10 time winner of the 4BBB Match Play, with various partners.

As honour board events up to mid 2020 this equates to 18 solo victories, 13 victories with Male partners and 9 with Female partners – a remarkable effort.
Throw in 2 holes in one to complete this record which will only continue to grow.

Even more impressive however is the time and effort Tony has volunteered to the Club in building and repair work carried out over many years.

Tony has certainly earned entry as a Hall of Famer.

Chuck Gard

Chuck joined the Club in 1983.

Chuck was elected as Vice President in 2009/10.

During this term, Chuck convinced the Board to trial cancelling the joining fee which at the time was $2250. Within 3 months, including an extensive letter-box drop and other promotional activity 155 new members were recruited.

Chuck is a very efficient organiser as is evident with arranging around a dozen bus trips for members to other Clubs and his efforts in raising funds for our young Club professionals assisting in their early careers.

Chuck and past member Rod Blyton successfully represented the Club in an Interclub Pennant season and he has achieved 2 holes in one, both on the 16th hole.

A great supporter of raffles, and a member ever willing to assist wherever possible, Chuck more than merits his position in the Hall of Fame.


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